General LoRaWAN Applications | Use Cases

Home and Building Automation

Connected Construction

Wireless Alarm and Security Systems

Checking the moisture level of soil/ground to alert for fire hazard

Checking drainage systems

Industrial Monitoring and Control

Long-Range Irrigation Systems


Some instruments providing specific measurements can use LoRaWAN to transmit the data over long distances


Smart City (Lighting systems, waste management, intelligent street parking, etc.)

Home Automation - LoRaWAN Applications
Smart City Solutions - LoRaWAN Applications

Specific LoRaWAN Applications | Use Cases

Door Sensor (detect open/close status of the door)

Drawer Sensor (detect open/close status of the drawer)

Bolt Control (Unlock/Lock Bolt)

GPS Tracker (designed for positioning of object or person)

Panic (Alarm) Button (push button for detecting button presses by the user)

Smart Button (Program different Actions based on different button touches)

Measure the occupation of flexible workplaces (degrees, meters, PIR, etc.)

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