lorawan technology

The function and purpose of data networks, like WiFi or Bluetooth, is to reliably send and receive data. We have all experienced the limited signal range offered by WiFi and Bluetooth. LoRaWAN technology utilizes a radio signal and benefits from the fact that it has a longer range and utilizes relatively low power to achieve successful data transmission. Lora means long range. WAN means wide area network.

LoRaWAN Bridge in Action

How Lora Bridges connection works

Beamnet’s LoRaWAN IoT Bridge provides more solution options within the LoRa ecosystem. As network servers evolve with LoRaWAN and the explosion of IoT (the Internet of Things), the proliferation need for a bridge to normalize the processing of data from numerous device providers (that use different protocols) becomes extremely important.

So, how does a LoRaWAN Bridge work? Essentially. LoRaWAN bridges allow large scale multi-vendor solutions to work by normalizing the processing of data from multiple LNS (LoRa Network Servers) providors. This can then make the pairing with integrations to Microsoft Azure, much easier!

Lorawan bridge connections to lora devices

A LoRaWAN end device is a sensor, and/or actuator, that wirelessly connects battery operated “things” via radio gateways (LoRa RF Modulation) to a LoRaWAN network. A standard LoRaWAN network set up can have multiple end devices which will connect to a LoRaWAN gateway. The gateway connects to the LoRaWAN enabled network server. This server links with the application server that can transmit the data to any configured data portal or dashboard,

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