lorawan button working

Here are some examples of buttons working with LoRaWAN:

  • Emergency LoRa Button
  • PERS – Personal Emergency Response Button
  • Health Alert Button
  • Panic button
  • GPS Location LoRa Button (positioning function)
  • Multi-sensor LoRaWAN tracker Button
  • Wireless doorbell button
  • LoRa Button to Trigger Remote Devices
  • LoRaWAN power meter Button (Indoor/Outdoor)

There are many more remote push button applications where, after pushing the button, an alert is sent to the wireless network and any connected LoRaWAN devices. Beamnet’s LoRaWAN buttons are custom designed to be compact, easy-to-use, and for multiple purposes, always with a “smart” outlook and outcome

LoRaWAN Button in Action

Lora button configuration for your next project

The Lora button can be configured with different options. For example: - Attention Indicator: the location of the button does not change - Smart button: based on different button touches and can control different devices such as:
power supplies

-Emergency Indicator: at that, or designated, location. The location of the button needs to be indicated by the Lora Butto

Beamnet LoRaWAN buttons are easy-to-set-up

  • Confirm reception by the control
  • Cancel the previous button push
  • Turn ON/OFF – system shutdown without opening case

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