Custom Lora Server Software Application

Beamnet will set up your LoRaWAN application server in the most efficient way for your business. Getting started with your custom Lora server involves important components: the LoRa Server, the LoraWAN network, and the LoRa Gateway Bridge. The Lora App Server is the LoRaWAN application server, and its database stores gateway data. The LoRa Server is the LoRaWAN network server. Many LoRa users worldwide use “The Things Network” to transmit sensor data. But this is an open public network. Now, with Beamnet, you can create your own private LoRaWAN network using Beamnet’s expertise, proprietary devices, and LoRa Server components. You can even connect Bluetooth to your LoRaWAN network with Beamnet’s bi-directional Bluetooth BLE bridge.

Smart IoT Sensor Network Solution

Imagine: click an icon on your smartphone and miles away that data command is received, processed, and then something happens how you want it to! For example, turn off the lights at your house, start the dishwashing machine, or activate a robot on a factory assembly line. With LoraWAN and a smart IoT sensor network solution, all custom designed for your needs & use case, Endless possibilities, and opportunities to become more efficient!

The advantages of a much larger network range (up to 3k – imagine that compared to your WiFi or Bluetooth!) that can be custom programmed to build your own private (even patentable) system are endless. Consider connecting/linking multiple sensors over large areas (successfully tested at over 400 miles) into one system you control. And that you can bridge to Bluetooth in both directions. For example, consider Bluetooth IoT sensors (like Bluetooth ble sensors for smart home or industrial use such as ble fans, ble heaters, ble air conditioners, ble vacuums, ble lights, ble turntables, etc.) and programable ble modules (Bluetooth v4.0 hm-11 ble module) which give you push-of-a-button or flick-of-a-switch control over the sensors and the devices they work with.

Proprietary Lora Sensor Devices

LoRa devices connect LPWANs (low power wide area networks), like LoRaWAN, and remote end nodes enabling data transmission. LoRa sensors are IoT (internet of things) devices that function on LoRaWAN networks. Beamnet Technologies has expertise in designing and developing proprietary Lora sensor devices and product modules such as LoRaWAN: switches, bridges, buttons, and nodes. Beamnet’s private LoRaWAN network and device solutions are extremely useful for wireless sensors because of their ability to send data over long distances.

LoRaWAN Server Consultation & Discovery

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